Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Cleanstreamit we welcome a healthy dialogue between creator and patron.
In fact, we prefer a curious, passionate customer, so please ask away if you don’t find the answer to your query below.
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Content Filtering

What is actually filtered?
Great question! You decide what is edited.
Our default setting is cleaner than PG-13, and can be customized to remove any curse word or adult situations. That being said, some programs available on Cleanstreamit are made for mature audiences, especially those rated TV-MA. They may contain adult themes, like smoking, bad behavior, or the cold and unforgiving nature of the universe. But you can always count on Cleanstreamit to filter out the blood, bums, and bad words.
How do I control what is filtered from my program?
That’s an easy one. Once you install the Cleanstreamit extension in Chrome, you can select what you want filtered by clicking on the Cleanstreamit app logo found the upper-right-hand corner of your browser (see image to the right).
This is what the extension and filter controls look like when you click on the extension logo.


Is Cleanstreamit Legal?
Yup. Unlike the other streaming services, we actually don't edit (or even stream) any content. We simply manipulate your browser to avoid the content you don’t want to see. It’s effectively like a friend muting your computer or skipping a scene at just the right moment. The content never is actually changed in any way, which is a novel and legal solution.
In fact, this kind of filtering is explicitly protected by the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005. Sound too good to be true? Check it out for yourself.
Don't these things always get shut down?
We can't control if we're sued. If it happens, it won't be for the same reasons that got everyone else shut down. Cleanstreamit is protected by the law. But who knows what a room full of highly paid, imaginative lawyers might dream up?
If the worst happens, then, to quote Shakespeare, "is it not better to have watched filtered movies for a time then never to have watched at all?"


Why isn't every program available on Cleanstreamit?
We’re working on a way to systematically edit every program. Until then, editing takes time, so we have to prioritize the most popular programs, and those which are most likely to remain on Netflix™ and Amazon™.
When are you going to edit my favorite show?
What's your favorite show? Let us know at If we hear from enough people, we’ll prioritize that show or movie.
It's cool that you offer Netflix™ and Amazon™, but when are you going to add HBO™ and Hulu™?
Hopefully soon. As you read this, our little programmer elves are hard at work building out the technology for all of the streaming services.


Why do you require a subscription?
We're focusing on filtering TV shows right now. If you watch about one season of a TV show per month, a $5.99 monthly membership actually saves you between $2 and $6 per month over a $1/movie pay-per-view model.
We're also trying to filter as many shows as fast as possible. A subscription model allows to invest more time and money into filtering shows for your viewing pleasure.
Lastly, in order to accept payments on the Internet, it costs 30 cents plus 3% of the order value. So if we charge one monthly payment instead of 8-14 small payments, it saves us money, which we then invest into - you guessed it - filtering more shows.