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Open Google Chrome™
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As of now, Cleanstreamit only supports Google Chrome on Desktop and Laptop devices.
Install the Cleanstreamit™ extension
The Cleanstreamit is software for your browser that lets us filter the things you want to avoid.
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Frequently asked questions

What shows can you watch?
Our catalog is growing rapidly, but you can find the full list of shows here.
How does the Cleanstreamit app work?
The Cleanstreamit app is a piece of software called an extension that installs into your Chrome browser. It’s able to see which program you’re watching so it can skip the parts you want to avoid, but we don’t look at your browsing history or collect your private information.
How do I control my content?
You pick what gets filtered—once installed, click on the Cleanstreamit logo in the upper-right hand corner of Chrome to change your filters.
Still have questions?
We have more answers. Visit our handy-dandy FAQ page to learn more.
Any show that has been filtered will briefly have the “Filtered by Cleanstreamit” banner at the top of the screen.

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